Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jubilee Picnic

We were blessed with good weather on Friday.  I spent the day at school helping to set up the Jubilee Picnic.

It was a great success, the girls all really enjoyed themselves.  I wish I could include photos of them,  but I can show you the field as we set it up.

I hope everyone has had a lovely day, and wasn't the finale at the flotilla with the choir and orchestra, in the pouring rain, absolutely fabulous?

Tables set and decorated for the whole school

It was quite blustery!

Wonderful raffle prizes

Cupcakes on cake stands

The school caterers provided a wonderful lunch

A festive day

Fantastic vegetables and lovely retro pineapple and cheese!

The parents contributed lots of amazing Jubilee cupcakes


  1. lovely pics and yes the soaking wet choir still singing was a great british thing!

  2. Amazing, theres only the Brits can do this. Well done.

  3. Beautiful, dear glad the weather cooperated.
    I've been trying to catch glimpses of the festivities, but I do not have cable television...I'll have to search on my PC.
    Happy Jubilee!!!
    - Irina