Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The School Run!

I do try to cycle to school with my little girl!

The car journey is much  longer, and we have to leave earlier to get parked near the school so the bike is preferable.   On the other hand  I do feel that I have to be sure that it won't rain.  It's not much fun to be a wet and bedraggled five year old arriving for a day of learning at school!

My little girl's school is on the other side of the River (Thames) , and  when we do cycle, the journey  takes us over Teddington Lock.

As we are having an Indian summer we were able to cycle today, and I managed to take a few photos on my way home.  Sadly, I do not have a very grand camera, but I do hope this will give you a little taste of our delightful journey!

The bridge at Teddington Lock

I love the very Victorian industrial look of the bridge,
which contrasts with the river

Boats on a pontoon in the river

Can you see the Heron, sunning himself?

Here he is again, in profile

A spider's web

More contrast:-metal, water, trees and concrete

Where shall we go today?

Paths through Ham Lands

Sporty cyclists!

Our favourite mode of transport!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Ham House

Ham House is on my doorstep.  It is run by the National Trust and has all kinds of interesting events.

When my sons were little, however, it was under the care of the V&A, and was a bit of a backwater in terms of Grand Houses that one visited.  This was perfect for us as there was no charge for visiting the gardens, and my boys had many happy afternoons running around and playing in the little summer houses there.  Indeed, the Ham and Petersham NCT often had  weekly afternoon meetings there in the spring, summer and autumn.  So my friends and I could have a peaceful cup of tea while our children had the time of their lives playing together.

We went on Sunday with our little girl, for a food event.  There were stalls in the kitchen garden with all sorts of local food.  It was lovely low key and full of enthusiastic producers, small scale and interesting.

I really must start going to my local National Trust houses and exploring more.

Ham House

Waiting for some delicious recipes!

Grains from a local Surrey Farm

A mill for oats, such fun

A grander mill to produce flour

Locally grown vegetables to plant

Not so sure!

The Kew Garden student's stall,
I bought some Damsons

Lovely vegetables

What's through this door?


I do love doors in walls!  Full of mystery....

Friday, 9 September 2011

A Country Walk - in London!

I always find the first week or two back in Richmond a shock to my system.  Here there is so much traffic and noise compared to Brittany.  But I am really lucky that the part of London in which I live is really countrified.

I took my camera out with me the other morning as I walked the dog.  Within moments I was in water meadows , and saw  at all sorts of wonderful things!

Crab apples

I should be able to makes some crab apple jelly with these!

The meadows had just been cut,
 which makes an Autumn walk far easier!

Rose hips

Red apples!


Some (more) hidden apples

 It doesn't really look like London, does it?

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Sugar Packaging and My Give Away

This is a very quick post, just a bit of fun!

 I just love the packaging of the sugar I buy in France!

Some clever person has reinterpreted the traditional fruit juice/milk carton and has adapted it for sugar, and it works!

It's wonderful for me,  the sugar keeps perfectly, even when I leave it for a few months!

Do please check my other blog A Trifle Rushed, where I have my first  giveaway, it's open for another 24 hours (followers of this blog are welcome to take part!)

Lots of lovely sugar!

The cartons are perfect for storing sugar

It's easy to  pour the sugar from the carton
and the icing sugar has it's very own sieve!