Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Gathering Seaglass

After the stormy weather we expected to be able to pick up some beautiful seaglass, as well as the new beach my husband and daughter had discovered we returned to our old stomping ground, the original Sea Glass Beach.

Despite the cold and damp, we searched the edge of the sea and filled our pockets with treasure.

Once we returned home we emptied the glass onto a white plate, the better to see it.

So lovely, beautiful, calming to look at.

Another amazingly orange shell!

I love the pieces of pottery that you can discover


Sometimes we have to guess, is this manmade, or nature?

Emerald greens

A white stone and green pottery

A few specks of sand on a piece of glass

Where is it from? What does it say?

Who lived here?

How can we use this?

A drop of glass



Sunday, 6 January 2013

A New Sea Glass Beach

I was a little unwell over the  New Year holiday, with a bout of gastric flu, but my husband and daughter set out each day for a walk whatever the weather.

The clever things, they passed a headland, and found a New Sea Glass Beach!

Once I felt better, I joined them and we had a super time scrambling over rocks, lifting shells and seaweed, to find these wonderful treasures of the sea.
This is a trick photo, there is no glass
but we loved the orange shell

The fragments of glass are usually to be found
among shells and stones

Just after the tide goes out they are easy to spot
as they still glisten with seawater

In France most are broken wine or beer bottles
so white, green and brown 

You can just see this fragment

We put them on a white plate at home to view them clearly

I love to bring this part of the beach home

Incredible jewel like colours

The natural shell and the seawashed glass look amazing

I love looking for texture on the glass

And contrasting the colours

A wonderful palate

Friday, 4 January 2013

Better Weather

The last few days have been so much better!  We still have leaden skies, but the rain and wind have ceased!

Hopefully, we'll have a calm crossing on the ferry tomorrow night as we journey home!

A little daylight is so much better for photos!

Doesn't the sea look inviting?

The waves are still huge though!

Pleasant from a distance

The sand is covered in seaweed from the storms

Would be great for my skin, or to eat, if I knew what to
do with it!

Calm, calm, calm!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year

I always post some pictures of our beach, here in Brittany.  You can see it's rather bleak at the moment.

As the nuns who taught me at  my seaside Convent School would have said, "Bracing Dear, and very good for you!"

We have managed a few walks in between squalls, and the weather is supposed to be improving, we are watching the barometer with interest and anticipation!

Happy New Year to you and yours,

Best Wishes 

Jude x

Leaden skies and sea

Still stunningly beautiful

My daughter gazing out at the ocean
(the raincoat was mine when I was a child - so over
40 years old - impressive thriftiness for 2013!)

Seaweed uprooted from the seafloor and thrown on the
sand by the violent storms

Cold and bleak

Only the sound of curlews, gulls
and the constant thud of the sea.