Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Gathering Seaglass

After the stormy weather we expected to be able to pick up some beautiful seaglass, as well as the new beach my husband and daughter had discovered we returned to our old stomping ground, the original Sea Glass Beach.

Despite the cold and damp, we searched the edge of the sea and filled our pockets with treasure.

Once we returned home we emptied the glass onto a white plate, the better to see it.

So lovely, beautiful, calming to look at.

Another amazingly orange shell!

I love the pieces of pottery that you can discover


Sometimes we have to guess, is this manmade, or nature?

Emerald greens

A white stone and green pottery

A few specks of sand on a piece of glass

Where is it from? What does it say?

Who lived here?

How can we use this?

A drop of glass




  1. Just love it. All of it, I love to go head down on a beach and see what the sea has brought in. You have given me the kick up the proverbial to get out there and do it. Thanks.

  2. I always collect driftwood, seaglass and seashells when I go to the beach in summer. It's my favourite treasure hunt! Then at home, I think of how I can use them or give them a new life in a craft.

  3. This is my favourite sort of beachcombing. We knew a good beach in Devon but on revisiting years later there was no glass at all.

  4. Oh wow, I love the found treasures from your Secret Beach. LOVE them all..I have found a passion for Sea Glass in the last Year and after several searching along our Lake Michigan, Yesterday I found MY Very First Sea Glass Treasures.. It made me so very Happy and I am still smile. I am so happy I found your blog. Hugs Judy