Wednesday, 6 February 2013


I just love those first bunches of daffodils.

They have been transported from Cornwall or the Scilly Isles, and sit beckoning at me with their closed petals.

Will they really be as cheery and bright as I remember from last year?

And before I know it, they are there,  in my shopping basket!

Back home I find an inspiring article about Narcissi in my favourite magazine,  Country Living.

Straight away I'm online finding a British Supplier, and my hand hovers over the complete  order box!


British Daffs

will they really be yellow?

If I only had a decent garden!

But I could order these


They are slowly waking up

More and more joyful


And yes, they are yellow


  1. There's nothing better to brighten you up than daffodils, especially on these grey days.

  2. I just love them! The colour is so uplifting! Mine are still in the just-leaves-phase.

  3. I'm sure that's the same website I used to order narcissi for a birthday present a couple of weeks ago. They arrived as tight buds - which does rather take the wow out of opening the box but I'm told they opened up nicely - and I suppose it does mean that you get full value from the flowers.

  4. So very beautiful!! A whiff of Spring at last ;)
    Enjoy, dear Jude!
    - Irina

  5. I love daffodils. I finally forced a narcissus bulb this month and it was so easy. We are enjoying the flower as well. Our part of the world won't get anything green until May.