Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year

I always post some pictures of our beach, here in Brittany.  You can see it's rather bleak at the moment.

As the nuns who taught me at  my seaside Convent School would have said, "Bracing Dear, and very good for you!"

We have managed a few walks in between squalls, and the weather is supposed to be improving, we are watching the barometer with interest and anticipation!

Happy New Year to you and yours,

Best Wishes 

Jude x

Leaden skies and sea

Still stunningly beautiful

My daughter gazing out at the ocean
(the raincoat was mine when I was a child - so over
40 years old - impressive thriftiness for 2013!)

Seaweed uprooted from the seafloor and thrown on the
sand by the violent storms

Cold and bleak

Only the sound of curlews, gulls
and the constant thud of the sea.


  1. Bleak but still beautiful. Glad you are enjoying your time there.

  2. Beautiful photographs - happy New Year to you and your family too. It's so lovely to have an item of clothing from your own childhood that your own child can wear too - sadly not many items manage to stand the test of time - your raincoat has though.

  3. Very beautiful. Happy New Year to you and yours.