Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Visiting Father Christmas

We popped along the road to Ham House on Sunday, where we followed a trail to Father Christmas's Grotto.

It was great fun, running around the garden looking for clues, making  a magic word which we could  tell Father Christmas when we met him.

I don't know who enjoyed it the most, our six year old daughter or my husband and me!

Ham House

Lots of Fun

Christmas decorations

The first clue was here, under this exotic fruit

We read the clues and filled in the wordsearch

Riding lessons at a nearby stables

More clues, and directions to the next one!

The clues were in the most unlikely of places

Wintery light dappling this wall

Another clue

They were all attached to bowler hats

Every where looked cold... Brrrr!

Some vegetables were still growing in the garden

But most were gone

the Holly looked spectacular

At last the final clue

We're nearly there!

Hot drinks for those feeling the cold

And here is Father Christmas!


  1. Oh, I miss going to see Father Christmas - the almost 14 year old is not really interested any more (well, that's what she says ... I'm not so sure). We used to go to Colchester Zoo - Father Christmas would arrive on a horse, then we would stand in the endless queue for the grotto giving us chance to get a little warm - it was always freezing cold, but the girls insisted on walking around the zoo to see ALL the animals.

  2. Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!So nice to meet Santa!
    Merry Christmas!