Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Decorating for Christmas

When I looked out of the window this morning I thought I might be able to photograph some lovely wintery scenes, but sadly, by the time I returned from dropping my daughter at school, the sprinkling of snow had disappeared.

On Monday, when I had picked her up from school she had let our a plaintive cry, "I am the only person in my class who has not got her tree up at home!"  Poor lamb.

So yesterday, to remedy this dreadful disaster I set about decorating the house.  I put the tree up with the lights, but left the decorating for her to do, while I focused on shelves and windows.

I always feel quite thrifty when I decorate, as I reuse many things from year to year, in particular my crib figures, I just move them around to different places in the house, but one is always on the dining room windowsill and one on the living room bookcase.

As the song says; "It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!"

My beautiful Mexican crib figures
I bought them when the boys were small
they were made by a fairtrade cooperative in Mexico

These Italian figures are more recent
I love their simple elegance

I am rather partial to deer
and the turkey candlestick holders came from the States
(I think they are for Thanksgiving, but I always use them
at Christmas)

These are waiting to be 'homed'
The penguins and polar bears are for cake decorations

My new decorations this year, seem to all have some tartan
(it must be my Scottish roots!)


  1. Haven't decorated yet...Since I like red for Christmas, I'm particularly fond of your new tartan decorations!

  2. Love those Italian figures. We always have our tree up in the first December weekend, a real one, grown locally. However the DP is off doing the Santa trip round the UK, so will be a break in tradition. However, in his absence I have put up our weird Santas and Reindeer which the cats love to knock over....

  3. I love your nativities! Can't decide which one I like best. :)

  4. Thank you Rose they are lovely.
    Jill, I'd love a real tree, but years ago one of my dogs injured her eye (trying to reach choc decorations) and the pine resin made it far worse. So now we have a fake tree & no chocolate decorations!
    Emily, They are both lovely, the Mexican has a longer family history, my sons helped chose it when they were young, so it has to be my favourite,

  5. Beautiful Italian nativity - ours is years old and nowhere near as lovely. I like bringing out the old decorations year after year and buying something new to add every year. I haven't started yet but I think I'll be bullied into doing something this weekend!