Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The School Run!

I do try to cycle to school with my little girl!

The car journey is much  longer, and we have to leave earlier to get parked near the school so the bike is preferable.   On the other hand  I do feel that I have to be sure that it won't rain.  It's not much fun to be a wet and bedraggled five year old arriving for a day of learning at school!

My little girl's school is on the other side of the River (Thames) , and  when we do cycle, the journey  takes us over Teddington Lock.

As we are having an Indian summer we were able to cycle today, and I managed to take a few photos on my way home.  Sadly, I do not have a very grand camera, but I do hope this will give you a little taste of our delightful journey!

The bridge at Teddington Lock

I love the very Victorian industrial look of the bridge,
which contrasts with the river

Boats on a pontoon in the river

Can you see the Heron, sunning himself?

Here he is again, in profile

A spider's web

More contrast:-metal, water, trees and concrete

Where shall we go today?

Paths through Ham Lands

Sporty cyclists!

Our favourite mode of transport!


  1. I wonder if that's my heron?

  2. Could be! He was very relaxed, I missed the manic cormarant diving near him, and the grebe.
    We saw two herons, together, at Pen Ponds on Sunday. When they took off, they looked like a Chinese painting. Wonderful.

  3. What a lovely route & it's looking like you can go by bike for a while longer !

  4. What a lovely way to get to school.Beats a car journey anytime.

  5. Penny, your right I could go into central London, but the coffe pot is usually calling!
    Coiokie Jar, it's wonderful, particulary during the heat spell we are having here in London!