Friday, 9 September 2011

A Country Walk - in London!

I always find the first week or two back in Richmond a shock to my system.  Here there is so much traffic and noise compared to Brittany.  But I am really lucky that the part of London in which I live is really countrified.

I took my camera out with me the other morning as I walked the dog.  Within moments I was in water meadows , and saw  at all sorts of wonderful things!

Crab apples

I should be able to makes some crab apple jelly with these!

The meadows had just been cut,
 which makes an Autumn walk far easier!

Rose hips

Red apples!


Some (more) hidden apples

 It doesn't really look like London, does it?


  1. No, it doesn't! Sometimes it takes a second, more careful look to notice what has been around you all along!
    Beautiful photos of a different, unexpected London!

  2. It doesn't look like London at all ! I'm afraid I've been missing out..... I've only been reading your other site.......I have some catching up to do!! Sea glass....I just love sea glass.....

  3. Wonderful natural goodies all around. Have you seen sloes ? There are masses on the bushes here.

  4. Rose Fern thank you for your comment.
    Miss Holly, I'm so glad you've found this blog and that you love sea glass!
    Penny, we don't have sloes here, I'm not sure why, but I constantly search them out and can never find them!

  5. It is nothing like the Richmond I've seen. Anytime we go to visit London and manage to get to Kew. We hop back on the train and head into Richmond. We like the Italian Resturant near the train station and my son liked to go to Games Workshop in the other direction. It was closed the last time we were there. We met the guy who worked there (GW) in the Dublin branch a few weeks later. He had been transfered.