Thursday, 15 September 2011

Ham House

Ham House is on my doorstep.  It is run by the National Trust and has all kinds of interesting events.

When my sons were little, however, it was under the care of the V&A, and was a bit of a backwater in terms of Grand Houses that one visited.  This was perfect for us as there was no charge for visiting the gardens, and my boys had many happy afternoons running around and playing in the little summer houses there.  Indeed, the Ham and Petersham NCT often had  weekly afternoon meetings there in the spring, summer and autumn.  So my friends and I could have a peaceful cup of tea while our children had the time of their lives playing together.

We went on Sunday with our little girl, for a food event.  There were stalls in the kitchen garden with all sorts of local food.  It was lovely low key and full of enthusiastic producers, small scale and interesting.

I really must start going to my local National Trust houses and exploring more.

Ham House

Waiting for some delicious recipes!

Grains from a local Surrey Farm

A mill for oats, such fun

A grander mill to produce flour

Locally grown vegetables to plant

Not so sure!

The Kew Garden student's stall,
I bought some Damsons

Lovely vegetables

What's through this door?


I do love doors in walls!  Full of mystery....


  1. I wonder if they'd like some of the live, local snails from my garden? I might have a stall of my own next year!

  2. I know what you mean Mary, I think the idea was to have a mini farm and eat them! How about that?

  3. Well, you're the one with the French kitchen!

  4. I love doors in walled gardens too & better still houses built along the walls !
    Everyone should feel grass beneath their bare feet ( remembering the scene in " Pretty Woman " where Julia Roberts makes Richard Gere take his shoes off in a park but he's still in a suit !)

    Really really should join the National Trust....