Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Relaxing in Brittany

There is something so comfortable about coming here for all our holidays.  Actually I hardly dare use the word 'holiday' as we are here for the whole of my daughter's school holidays which this summer amount to six and a bit weeks.

We arrived on Saturday very late, and the first thing I did was make some bread.  I'm not mad keen on bread machine bread, but arriving at 9.30 in the evening it's the one time I find it a life saver.  (I bought a very basic 'eco' model a few years ago, and we now have fresh bread for breakfast on our first morning here, winter, spring and summer.)

On Sunday my husband was busy getting his boat ready for launching the next day, so I pottered around, and managed a quick shop for basics at the local supermarket.  I also had a look around the garden, as the weather has been very similar to England I was not surprised to find that the plants were doing well, indeed the herbs are slightly overgrown!

The Hortensia are stunning this year

The very basic bread machine

Water, flour, salt and yeast

The bread in the machine

The loaf is a little sad looking, but makes good toast
for our first morning here

This Rosemary was one tiny two inch high plant a few
years ago

The Chives

And Thyme

Lots of Mint

More lovely hydrangas

I love getting things ready in the garden
I bought this old lobster pot from the
Co-operative Maritime, during our first holiday here


  1. Ahhhh, Brittany. So much like the NE of Scotland, but warmer! Garden looks fab, do you have someone to care for it when you are not there, or does it just look after itself, either way its lovely.

  2. You'll soon have the herbs in shape once you start cooking with them. Happy holidays

  3. Jude, you are seriously organised - I'm sure I would succumb to the shop for bread rather than make my own after a long journey. Have a lovely summer.

  4. I just have one word for this, dear Jude....heavenly!!!

  5. Any homemade bread is yummy, whether eaten fresh from the oven (or machine) or toasted the next day dripping with homemade jam.

    I am just getting used to my mini bread machine, but sometimes I still feel the need to knead and do it by hand.

    Have a wonderful long holiday.

    Sue xx