Friday, 3 August 2012

Breton Cheval

Driving home with a car packed full of groceries, I noticed a sign to Breton Cheval.  Now I love horses, as does my six year old, so it took us only moments to persuade my husband to follow the signs.  We found a field with a huge gathering of farmers and their horses, these wonderful animals are still used for ploughing and other farm work here in Brittany and we had obviously come across a get together where the horses would be judged.

Being British, we had arrived at lunchtime, so there was not  much activity, just a few people grooming their horses, while most ate picnics.

We will try and visit for the judging during the afternoon next year.  But of course, I wanted to share some photographs of this delightful sight with you.

Foals happily munching on the newly cut hay

So sweet

And a quick whinney, hello!

The foals did not want to be parted from their mothers

The manes and tails of the adult horses were being plaited

This foal seems to want to get out of the trailer

More horses arriving, and the farmers use their tractors to
pull the trailers

This foal was not tethered

Not a problem as their was no intention to leave

So beautiful and placid, for such large, strong creatures

Most are a deep chestnut colour, this white horse was unusual

I just loved this foal

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  1. Not sure how I missed this post. Have been off lin e but not for that long.
    I too love horses. Had one years ago. Keep trying to pluck up courage to ride again. So thank you for this. Heaven! Make sure you go again, it must be really interesting. Memories of the Great Yorkshire Show!