Sunday, 23 October 2011

A Touch of Halloween

My little girl is on half term, and is terribly excited about Halloween.  She's having four of her friends over on the 31st for a play date and lunch and she just  can't wait!

This week we are catching up with other friends who are not at her school,  as many of them only have a one week break, so we are going to be busy!

Today, in anticipation of the fun ahead, we made a 'haunted' gingerbread house.

We also put out some of the Halloween decorations I have accumulated over the years.  I have endeavoured to stick with tasteful things.  However, I  have sometimes made the mistake of shopping with a child!  So there are a few ghosts, haunted houses and grinning pumpkins that I may not have chosen had I been on my own!

Some very jolly ghosts

The conkers have been gathered on local walks

The Divali candle holder was made at school last year 

Madly, grinning pumpkins

Haunted houses

Here are those happy ghosts, again

The gingerbread house


  1. This is beautiful and charming! Just my style, I'm not into the too scary stuff:)

    Have a fun Halloween!

    - Irina

  2. They are all lovely. Enjoy your break.

  3. That Gingerbread house is awesome.
    Where we live now we do not have the awful trick or treaters. But I do miss the fun of it all now my girls are all grown up.

  4. Why is it that kids love Halloween so much? Aren't they scared of anything?