Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A Wonderful Little Bag

I bought this sweet and very useful bag in the summer.  Diane, at Pilgrim and Pie, makes them.  I was looking at her blog, which features her gorgeous breton home, and she had posted a picture of these bags.  (if you click on the link, you will see her wonderful photographs of the bag!)

When I expressed an interest, she kindly investigated the cost of postage within Brittany.

Within a week, I was the delighted owner of the bag.

I have used it several times.  It is ideal for the family walks we go on.  It is very light, but well constructed.  I can carry my camera, purse and glasses, plus a treat for my little girl, and the various treasures she collects along the way.

I have also used it when I have been cycling, so much lighter then my regular handbags.

Thanks Diane, I am really enjoying using it, and will be watching out for more in the future.

Pretty bag

lovely heart details

The company name

beautiful stitches

lovely details

And it carries a lot!


  1. All these clever people. It really is lovely.

  2. Karen, it's such a sweet little bag.
    Jill, I'm so glad there are so many talented people, I could never make anything like this. I can, just about, sew name tapes on school uniform!

  3. Good morning to you.
    What a lovely surprise it was to see one of my bags, now yours of course !, on your blog.
    I am delighted that you are so happy with it, thank you.
    Do you like the indigo blue one with the little red fish?
    I use one of them myself - it just makes me smile.

    Diane. x

  4. I love a bag (or two or three or more) - this one certainly ticks all the boxes.

  5. Diane
    They are super bags. I may very well be temped to get an indigo blue one with fish in the new year, it sounds ideal for looking chic in Brittany.
    Jennifer, they are lovely, do follow the link to Diane's blog!