Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Bright Shiny Shoes!

If you ever get a catch or mark on black patent leather shoes, then a deep black nail varnish will save the day!

I was popping up to town last week with my little girl.  Before I left I,  thankfully, looked down at our shoes!  What a disgrace, two pairs of patent leather shoes with imperfections! But I had the solution, or at least the nail varnish!

Years ago, while I  was shopping in London, I  tripped up.  My beautiful, (new) shoes got the most terrible mark on them, so I trotted straight off to Ferragamo for advice.  Black nail varnish will cover most imperfections I was told, so I rushed  to Boots, and  bought the darkest, blackest nail varnish I could find... and it worked.

I have used it ever since to maintain the beautiful patina on my shoes!

Our slightly imperfect shoes

Tiny tear on my shoe

Huge, picked at, hole on hers!

Super hero to the rescue!

That's better

(Nearly) as good as new!


  1. ooh I didn't know that & I used to work in a top class shoe shop ! Black Patent is so smart !