Saturday, 19 November 2011

Wrapping Christmas Gifts

I know, it's far too early!

However, overseas gifts do have to go very soon. And I attended my first 'blogging event' yesterday at Fortnum and Mason, and somehow had to present my meagre offerings.

I stuck with a red and white theme, which always works at Christmas, it brought the three gifts together visually.

Copious boxes, stickers, labels, ribbon and string

Every year I buy a little more!

Which box should I use for my truffles?


The liqueur was easy, just some labels and ribbon

The mini preserves were the most difficult,
I ended up stacking them in a tall plastic bag,
then more ribbon

Perhaps a bit too much cellophane!


  1. Amazing! I try every year. In my mind.....

  2. Perfect Christmas colours & wrapping

  3. Cookie Jar, thank you.
    Jill, you should see the mess I make once I'm at the major wrapping stage, three presents are easier then thirty!
    Bad Penny, thanks the colours were great, I was pleased with them. I just hope the recipients liked the gifts!

  4. So beautiful!
    Those truffles...I'm drooling :)

    - Irina