Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Dog (and Cats) in France

A Very belated Happy New Year!

I can't believe how busy the first half of January has been and I am feeling  terribly guilty that I haven't posted on this blog since last year!

I have, of course,  found time to look at other blogs though and my short post today  was inspired by a post in Diane's lovely blog Pilgrim and Pie, here.  She featured a lovely photograph of her cat, which had been taken for Racheal McKenna's delightful book The French Cat.  I thought the book looked so lovely that I have  ordered a copy for a friend, whom I know will love the combination of beautiful France and cats, the animal she really adores.

Now I myself am not a cat person but I do adore and love my dog, a twelve year old rescued Greyhound. So I thought I would post a couple of  photos of him at his holiday home in Brittany.

Sun bathing in the garden
Outside the boat shed
(he has now dug a huge hole here!)

On the beach Christmas holidays 2011/12


  1. He is beautiful, looks very happy on the beach. I didn't know greyhounds dug holes. Lottie will sometimes try to bury a rabbit she's caught in the soil, but usually leaves the ears or feet sticking out! xx

  2. I have never seen stand up ears on a greyhound before! They are lovely dogs, but we have cats....Its nice you can take him with you to France nowadays.

  3. He's lovely and has that silly happy grin that grayhounds have.

  4. He's beautiful Jude! I'll have to check out this book..
    - Irina