Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Coach Bags - Great Service

I do love a good handbag.

My beautiful Coach handbag

 I discovered Coach bags when they had an outlet in Harrods, pre Millennium, and bought a couple of lovely bags and purses (still in use) during the sales.  I was very disappointed when they closed their concession, and Coach bags were no longer available in England.

Coach bags became a real treat for me, to be bought by my husband when on business trips to the States.  About 5 years ago I went on one such trip to California with him and he bought me a very beautiful, simple tan bag from the Legacy range.  I was delighted with it, and it quickly became my favourite bag, so you can imagine my horror when, just two years later,  I brushed against some (unlabelled) wet paint, and the front of the bag was ruined.

I looked up the instructions that had come with the bag and they seemed to say not to use anything on the very traditional leather.  So I sadly put the bag away.

Last year Coach opened two shops in London, the flagship store being in Bond Street.  Now I love to go  to Bond Street, and when I had to go to do some important shopping (teabags from Fortnum and Mason) I thought I would dig out my poor old bag and take it along to Coach.  They might just be able to recommend something.

The staff in the shop were so helpful and kind.  They whisked the bag away and said they would see what they could do about it.  I left them contact details.

A few weeks passed and I received a phone call.  The bag was back and ..... the paint had gone!

I went up to London to collect it, and as you can see from the before and after photographs it's now as good as new.

I am completely delighted with the bag, and with the service from this shop.  I had no receipt, from the original purchase, but all Coach bags have indentifying features and numbers, so the company knew it was one of their bags.   The problem was not in the manufacturing of the bag, but they still dealt with the paint, and there was no charge.

Sometimes it is worth spending a little more money on a bag, as in this case I think you are also paying for superb after care.

Thank you Coach for such wonderful service.

If you haven't discovered Coach bags, do have a look on line.  I am saving my pennies (and pounds) to buy a new bag in the summer.

My poor bag, with dreadful white paint on it

And it couldn't have been in a worse place on the bag

The bag when I collected it from Coach

It is perfect, I am really delighted 

Just in case anyone wonders, this is my own experience and I have not received anything (apart from First Class Service) from Coach.


  1. that's awesome. don't you just love great customer service? makes me a lifelong loyal customer when i encounter great service like this.

  2. That is a beautiful bag. I'm going to look out for this make now. So glad they repared it for you ...that's great service.
    A woman came into the charity shop & I noticed vivid green paint on her coat. She told me that she had just been to an estate agents & brushed against wet paint on the door. The estate agent told her that her coat was too wide for the door frame ! It didn't seem wide to me !

  3. That's great - both the bag and the customer service. I remember similar excellent service from Lands End...I'd bought a messenger bag from them, and after 5 or 6 years the zip broke. I wrote to them, and they immediately replaced the bag, no questions asked. How great is that?!