Friday, 18 May 2012

What a Bad Mother... I think I've spent all the children's inheritance on... Cookery Books

I'm slightly mortified, I was looking at my cookery books the other day, and decided that I do have rather a lot, I have a wish list of at least another thirty on Amazon.

They are packed into one half of the living room bookshelves.  Aren't they awkward? I can't get some of them to sit straight on the middle shelf, but I do love them and more importantly do use them, for recipes and even more often for inspiration.

I've been neglecting my blogs a little over the last few weeks, so on Monday I am spending a few hours doing some essential blog 'housekeeping' and will try from then on, to be slightly more organised.

The full bookshelves

They are all loved

I couldn't part with any

I do think I could organise them more

What do you think?




Or Author?

Should I go into sub sections,
bread, cakes, cupcakes, decorating?

I've  started here, these are children themed books
(ie for cooking with children, not cooking children!)

A mini Ballymaloe section, alongside the Barefoot Contessa

Great British cooking ,with French jam!

You see it really isn't easy.


  1. I understand your problem only too well - my husband has now taken to giving me a look every time a parcel arrives from Amazon - "another cookery book" he asks! I think you have to try a two pronged resolution of category and size! Or then again ........... not much help am I! Good luck.

  2. Well you could have an easy reached shelf that has the ones you use the most, going down to the ones you use the least. However, speaking from experience, once you start sorting of any kind that will be you gone for the rest of the day/ week. Just go with the flow! And to any criticism - who is the collection harming? The books are giving pleasure without any health warnings.

  3. I work off the most used closest to hand method. I see some of my favourites on your Ballymaloe shelf.

    You could be doing your children a favour. The book collection could be worth a fortune some day.

  4. Luckily some of the other volunteers like to sort the books at the charity shop - my least favourite job. I think I'd put cookery books in groups like, Spanish, Baking, Vegetarian etc etc

  5. Can one really have too many cookbooks? :)
    I so feel for you, dear friend! Your collection is so neatly stacked and definitely looks loved...
    I began collecting these at the tender age of twelve, (The Silver Palate was my first), and still cannot get enough.
    - Irina

  6. Hello, just popped in from over at Cookie Jar. I couldnt resist joining your blog having just seen your header!! I love the seaside and I collect sea glass too!! Looking forward to reading more!