Saturday, 5 May 2012

Jubilee Treats

I've a terrible habit of buying bits and pieces that attract my eye, rather like a magpie.

I have bought a few foodie things pre the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and love the jolly brightness of them.

I have some cake decorations and cupcake cases as well, but will photograph them when they are in use.

So here are a couple of things bought in either Waitrose or Sainsbury's:-

I love Marmite, and this pun really made me laugh

A very jolly tin of syrup

And some Twinning's tea
(I might buy a couple more of these tins as gifts for
our French neighbours during the summer)

If you don't have the energy or time to bake
here are some pre-baked cakes

And what is more British then Digestives
(best with Chocolate)

I'm going to keep this box and send my son some treats in it
(I don't think Fancies will travel to Afghanistan!)

I do miss the chocolate,  pink and yellow!


  1. Love the Marmite and the Syrup tin. Both probably future 'worth a fair bit' so an investment all round. You can enjoy whats in the jar/tin and then hoard. I am ignoring the cakes. Well I am trying to.....

  2. They are good fun, aren't they? I gave the Unopened cakes away, I just wanted to record the boxes, andit's great to see that mr Kling is using free range eggs!

  3. I guess you guys will have an amazing summer with the Queen's Jubilee as well as the Olympics.

  4. The shops are really getting in to the swing of things. London will be like one big party this Summer.

  5. Love the syrup tin. Lots of red / white 7 blue around - we are collecting things for our window display at the charity shop.

  6. Lovely, lovely things!! We're not really doing much here in France, but I am thinking of at least making some red, white and blue bunting!