Monday, 23 April 2012

The Joy of Blogging

As you may be aware, I've been blogging for over a year, which means that on my other blog A Trifle Rushed I have a year's worth of tried and tested recipes.

When we went to Brittany for Easter I found that I had forgotten my handwritten, and rather tatty piece of paper, which has my instructions for making Strawberry Jam, and I'd found some beautiful strawberries in the Supermarket.

I paused for a moment, wondering if I should ring my younger son, ask him to find the paper and call me back, but then I  and realised there was another  solution. I had made Strawberry Jam last Easter, and  I was pretty sure that I had written a post. I checked the recipe page, here, and then clicked through to Strawberry Jam.  I followed my instructions and hey presto:-

Three beautiful jars of homemade strawberry jam, (and a tiny bit left over for the last two days of our holiday.)

It's made me realise that I must spend some time, during the next week or so,  updating my recipe index, as it is actually a very useful tool!

Happy St George's Day, and I know this recipe uses Breton strawberries, but in a few weeks English ones should be available, and I'll certainly be making more jam.

Beautiful Breton Strawberry Jam

Lots of 1KG boxes of Strawberries

Which one should I chose?

I love the fact that the strawberries are laid in
a pattern, so that they are not all bruised

A local Breton based company

Even better when the cover is removed

I washed them

And found the recipe!

So simple, I cut them in half

Covered with sugar

Mixed them gently and left for two hours

Lots of delectable juices


And pot into jars

And this year my little girl agreed that
home made is superior to shop bought! 


  1. After seeing all those images of stawberries I cannot wait for those english strawberries to be ready and jam making to commence.

  2. What a simple recipe! Says me who has failed at every attempt. Gorgeous pics had me drooling. Not long before the poly tunnels up here in the NE of Scotland will be fruiting. Another try then.

  3. Your jam looks delicious! Are we really that close to English strawberries? Goodness, I suppose we are. The year is just flying by!

  4. I can smell that jam, Jude!
    The berries are so gorgeous, they almost don't look real..
    they are on your Trifle Rushed banner, so lovely.
    - Irina

  5. Well done for finding your recipe ! Just shows how useful Blogging is !