Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Goats and Donkeys - the delights of a rural seaside home!

I've shown you some photos of our lovely dove Cutie Pie.

We see lots of doves here, so we're not a hundred percent sure which one is Cutie Pie, but I'm sure she's around and will be back to visit us in the summer.

When we popped into Roscoff for lunch last week, a woman was walking her goats on a lead down the main street!

I asked if I could take a photograph, and she agreed.  One goat nearly posed, but turned around at the last minute, the other swerved out of the frame, but here they are in all their glory.

On Saturday as we set off for the shops and I was helping my daughter into the car, I heard an "ee-ore" and said to her: "I can hear a donkey!"

We drove along the road, and there, outside a neighbours' garage was the cutest, fluffiest donkey I've ever seen!  He was happily munching the long grass and looked so sweetly through his long fringe as we stopped to take a photograph.

Don't you think he's cute!

(Now a donkey is added to my wish list, along with the dovecote, my dogs, some hens - I've wanted to collect my own eggs  for years - a pony for my little girl and a horse for me, not much to ask!  But certainly never going to work in Richmond and Brittany!)


  1. Oh my goodness, Jude, how cute!
    Are you familiar with the Hopalong Hollow Blog?
    Jeri has everything on your wish list and more!
    I think you may enjoy seeing her menagerie:

    - Irina

  2. What you need is to find someone else in the area who also has hens (and donkeys!) then you help each other out. Or even persuade someone to get hens (and donkeys) as just the thought of holidays and zooming off may have stopped them from getting hens (and donkeys.)!!

  3. When I win the lotto, I am moving to the coast, to a house with a garden big enough to have my allotment on site and space for hens. Plus a field for a couple of rescue donkeys.

  4. Oh, I love the idea of walking your goats! Perhaps the Bretons are a bit more eccentric than the southern French?

  5. Love the goats on a lead. Our neighbours years ago had a goat in their garden but it often escaped and could be found wandering along the pavements. Donkeys are so adorable.Remember as a child reading a ladybird book called Little Ned and since then wanted to look after one.

  6. I really, really want a donkey and a goat...Remember, though, that donkeys get lonely, so they need a friend. It could be another donkey, or a goat, or something else. But they need friends! (I don't remember where I read that, but it stuck in my memory.)

    If I ever get a donkey, I know that I am going to call him "Hotey". Why? Because then he'd be called Donkey Hotey.