Sunday, 1 April 2012

Bold as Brass

I know many of you, like me live in cities, and are used to urban foxes.  But for those of you who are not I thought you might like these photographs.

On Wednesday evening (very early) I went to put some rubbish into the recycling, and when I opened the front door, there was a fox, standing by the car, as Bold as Brass.  He looked at me and slowly turned away to cross the road.

I poped back into the house to grab my camera, and here are my snapshots.  They aren't perfect, but I hope portray the immediacy of the moment.

We have a great many foxes in Richmond, and I usually see several over a week, but usually this is  at dawn or dusk, and they aren't  quite as bold.

 This particular fox may well be a vixen,  I know that  the Vicarage garden (two houses away from my home) has had a number of  fox families,  with cubs over the last few years.  So this may just be a very tired Mum returning home after a brief respite from minding the babies.

Mr or is it Mrs? Fox

Crossing the road after a long stare

Not in a hurry

What shall I do now?

Look both ways

And carefully cross the road

Back again, and I'll just ignore her this time!


  1. Lovely photographs, much to my horror I have seen an Urban fox regularly trot past my house, my poor chicken girls have to be safely locked up at night! :)

  2. Well...I feel sad for them...I think they are so beautiful....I don't want them to eat my kitties or our neighbors chickens...but I still love them..poor things they need more room...

  3. It's amazing how they've become so tame, but their diets must be pretty rubbish! They are beautiful, but can be dangerous if they get in your house. Be careful about leaving windows open! xx

  4. They seem much smaller in the cities than in rural areas. They are basically opportunists! But still beautiful I guess. Difficult to feel warmth tho when theyve decimated your flock of poultry.

  5. I'm always worried about my cat outdoors as a fox is a frequent visitor to our garden. Great photos .

  6. Beautiful creature...but do be careful :)
    - Irina

  7. Great pictures - I live way out in the countryside and have never seen a fox! Although I do believe one has "met" my neighbours chickens!