Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A family weekend.

I'm sure I am not the only person Mother/Daughter  who had a really wonderful weekend.

I just love this jolly little person!

Saturday was St Patrick's Day and as an English woman of celtic extraction (two of my grandparents were Irish, one Scots and one English) who is married to an Irish man, it is a feast I thoroughly enjoy.

When I took my little girl to school, in Twickenham, on Friday the dining room had been decorated to celebrate the feast day, and the town itself was aflutter with flags for the match on Saturday.  My son, who had worked at a corporate event before the match, said that there was a fantastic atmosphere in the town during the evening.

Flags out in Twickenham

An Irish Menu at my daughter's school

And wonderful decorations

Filling the dining room with fun

All the buildings looked bright and welcoming

Especially the public houses!

and I managed to get the Leprechaun Trap to school
for my daughter's class to enjoy!

I did a little Irish themed baking on Saturday, and as well as my old favourite Soda Bread,  I baked  some cupcakes I had seen on Elizabeth's inspiring blog Pine Cones and Acorns, here.

Delicious with coffee in the evening

I was delighted with them, they tasted divine.


The next day was of course Mothering Sunday, the fourth Sunday in Lent.

I know many mothers love having a lie in and breakfast in bed, but I had my parents coming for lunch and have a regular Sunday morning commitment at my church, were I run the First Holy Communion class, after 8.30 Mass.  So my lie in consisted of getting up at 6am rather then my usual 5.30!  However, I did get a very lovely card!

Once home from church, I started to cook.  I get great pleasure from preparing  family meals. As well as  my parents joining us for lunch, both my sons were able to make the meal too.

I cooked a simple meal of Confit de Canard with roast potatoes and lots of green vegetables.  For pudding we had apple crumble with homemade ice cream, followed by cheese and crackers.  Sometimes, when you're cooking a meal for three generations, it is best to stick to tried and tested things that you know work.

I was very spoilt, as well as chocolates, I received some beautiful flowers, and my sons did the dishes!

A beautiful tub of bulbs

Daffodils (from my little girl)

Roses from one son

Tulips from the other

I do hope you all had a lovely and happy weekend, the best times of my life are those I spend with my family.


  1. School dinners have totally changed since my day!

  2. There is something so special about the cards that our children make. Beautiful Spring flowers sounds like you had a great time on Sunday.

  3. Dear Jude, how special and beautiful...thank you for sharing these truly precious moments. The flowers are gorgeous, and the sweet cards...priceless!

  4. What a lovely weekend Jude. So nice to read all about it

    Charlotte x

  5. Jude,

    I hope you enjoyed a lovely day with the family. I am sure it was wonderful to be with all three of your hidden and your parents.

    I am so pleased to hear you made my cupcakes, I could eat a bowl of just the frosting.

    Have a fabulouse weekend, Elizabeth

  6. What a delightful post & I adore your home made card. Super cake. We have no Irish connection other than my eldest brother was born the day after St Patrick's day, was delivered by an Irish midwife & mum liked the name so called him Patrick.
    ( I did go out with an Irish lad but prefer to forget him. I married a Scot !)

  7. Somehow I missed this post. Really interesting re the Irish celebrations in England!