Friday, 2 March 2012

A Walk in the Park

We are lucky living in Richmond.  Most days I walk down to the River Thames with the dog, through some lovely water meadows.  But every once in a while it is nice to go up into Richmond Park for a walk.

Last Saturday my little girl and I went to meet some friends and have a stroll to Pen Ponds.  It was one of those glorious early spring days and the sun was shining.  So meeting in the car park was a little tricky, it took us both a while to find parking spaces!

But it was worth it.  A small herd of young male deer had been grazing nearby and were on the move to pastures new.  They walked right across the path in front of us.  I wish I had borrowed my husband's camera with telescopic lens, but I am quite pleased with the photos I managed to get from my little camera.

Once the deer had gone we walked onto the ponds, were we stopped to feed the ducks, and then the children ran into the woods, and made some alterations to a den.  They had such a great time.

It was a wonderful two hours, full of beauty and laughter.

A grazing deer

Bread for the ducks, gingerbread men for the children
and a cake for my friend

The banana loaf, the recipe is on A Trifle Rushed, here

I hope the ducks are hungry

And I know the children will eat these all up

A note about the deer

I'm always amazed that people let their children walk
so close to the deer

Lots of people had their cameras

Deer on the path!

Heading to the woods

This is my park!

A quick fight


They are noble

And eat a great deal!

More fighting

Joining the herd

The den

Great fun for small children

The children moved an awful lot of wood
to complete the den 

Walking past the pond


And if you zoom into the tree top, some parakeets!


  1. You are lucky to live in a lovely part of the country. It always reminds me of the New Forest, I suppose because they were hunting parks originally. xx

  2. How lovely your day was for all of you.
    Our deer are Roe deer, smaller, but still delightful to watch we are fortunate that they visit the field behind us.

  3. Great photos - I can nearly feel the fresh air!

  4. What a perfect day. We used to visit regularly when we were little as my mother had a great friend in Richmond.
    Super little den to play in too !

  5. Wow, Jude...what a beautiful day, and to see those glorious creatures!
    We see a deer here and there, but seeing a herd is truly amazing..thank you for sharing :)
    - Irina

  6. Richmond Park is a fabulous place. Your photos have just reminded me how great it is.

  7. It was indeed a wonderful day. Thank you so much for the banana loaf- truly delicious.