Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A Spring Day Walking in the Dunes

This post is for my eldest son, who is an officer in the Army,  serving in Afghanistan.  He left last week and will be away for six months.

I can't wait until he and his brother (who is busy working in London) can both join us for a family holiday here in our lovely part of Brittany.

Go through the wood

Across the busy road

Onto the dunes

Look at the sea

And the sailing club

Let the dog of the lead

Remember summer swims to the island

Spare sometime to
Stop and Stare

Look at the amazing rocks

And the stunning beach

The old custom's house in the distance

Look over to the port
where we keep the boat in the summer

Sit down on a hill and think

Enjoy the perfect blue sky
and the larks singing


  1. Thanks for the lovely photos. We had two holidays in Brittany. I do think some of our countryside up here is similar, tho we dont have the artichokes or sunflowers.

  2. Your summer together will soon come, meanwhile love and thoughts to you & your family but especially your son x

  3. Happy days remembered and more to come...

  4. Thinking of them all in Afghanistan and hope they come home safely. xx

  5. Exquisite photos...beautiful post, Jude.
    Sending warmest wishes and thoughts to you all...
    - Irina

  6. Such beautiful photos of a serene place. The colours are stunning. What a place to look forward to going in the Summer.