Monday, 11 July 2011

The First Post

As I state in my description, I hope to use this blog as a complement to my food blog " A Trifle Rushed".

I was listening to Radio 4 this morning, and on Prayer for the Day, just before Farming Today, I heard Alison Murdoch, Director of the Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom,   say "Simplicity is the New Black."  This  phrase, made me think, it says so much about the way we live  today, and our desire to re-introduce "simple" things back into our lives.

Throughout the country people are growing their own (I only manage herbs, but it's better then nothing!).  There is a new value put on homemade and hand crafted things.  It is more and more acceptable, indeed preferable to give friends gifts that you have toiled over, rather then rushed to the shops to buy.  Frugal living is embraced by many as a mantra to live by.

But there are other simple pleasures, walking in woods, mountains or on the beach.  Laughing with children and friends.  Reading books, visiting art galleries.  Listening, Looking, Thinking and Consideration are all important in living a simpler life.

I hope in this blog, to be able to (occasionally) post about non-food things.  I'm really enjoying writing about my pleasure in preparing (and of course, eating) food, but I believe there is joy in all sorts of 'simple" things around us.

My (rather straggly) herb garden in Brittany

Let sleeping dogs lie



The beach

Sorry a couple of the photos are a bit out of focus, I just selected a few for a flavour of what I hope to do on this blog:-)
And of course (re new black) I want to be at the fore-front of Fashion (hee-hee)


  1. I try to lead a simple life. Some would call it old fashioned - I don't drive, have been a stay at home mum & my veggie patch is looking good ! Sad about the hens but I gave it a go & may try again one day.

    Sometimes you hear one phrase which resonates ... yesterday it was while watching the Aussie soap Home & Away !!! A newly wed girl said to her husband about the first time she saw him, " It was like seeing a memory from the future "

    I've always tried to explain that I knew my hubby was 'the one' when I saw a glimpse of him as an old man & I thougght yes we will grow old together. It was like seeing a memory from the future.

    Good luck with your new blog. I foung running two was too much & have mothballed one today !!!

  2. ThanK you Penny, I'm going to give it a go and see how I get on. I really want the other one to be just food. So I hope here I can post my musings on non food and also some photos. We'll have to see how it goes!