Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A Vintage Cake Stand

My own pressed glass cake stand,
with a lovely Breton Apple Cake

Sometimes you can come across something perfect (and simple) just by chance or happinstance.  More often, these days, it's because you have it bookmarked on your computer.

I was looking at some vintage cake stands recently in Kingston, they were retailing at about £50.00.  They were lovely, but Oh sooo expensive, for what was really two second hand plates. and then....

I found the most fabulous link on the Guardian's website:-

How to Make a Vintage Cake Stand.

I'm certainly going to have a go, though it will probably have to wait until September, when I'm back in London!

Here are a few photos of cake stands I have come across recently.  How I would love one to show my baking off on!

A lovely, simple pedestal cake stand

This is the kind I'll be aiming for

A press glass cake stand

An hotel cake stand, for afternoon tea!

Do let me know if you decide to have a go!  I'd love to see the finished results.


  1. We get lots of people buying pretty plates in the charity shop to make cake stands not sure how they fix the fittings though & I'm sure there are some breakages !

  2. From the video clip it seems important to use a drill suitable for tiles! I'm visiting local charity shops when I'm back in London and I'll have a try!