Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A Simple Morning Walk

Gosh!  I see what you mean Penny!  I have been so busy cooking that this poor little blog has been rather deserted.  I think initially I'll try to post once a week, to get some momemtum going.

So here are a few photographs from my morning dog walk here in Brittany.  I find it heavenly.  Firstly, I'm not in a rush, back in London I have to very quickly take the dog out, before my husband leaves for work, or I have to take my little girl with me.  I don't like to as she leaves for school so early, I think she needs her breakfast unhurried.

Here, we are able to take a lovely, long, meandering walk over the dunes.  (No dogs on the beach in July and August!) Although it's been overcast, there is such a joy in the fresh, clean air.  It really does blow away those proverbial cobwebs.

We're up reasonably early, but the young people at the sailing club are ahead of us.  Preparing their boats, and generally having a great time.  Occasionally, we meet another dog.  My little girl was delighted that a neighbouring dog, who always barks very fiercely at our old boy, had arrived this morning.

I love looking at the wild flora, but also the lovely things I see in other gardens.

Which way shall we go?

First we walk past the children's playground

Through the pine path

With lots of fallen pine cones 

To the dunes, this is our view!

Preparing the safety boats
for a day of sailing and wind surfing
Looking down there is some Sea Holly

So beautiful

Lavender in a garden we pass

A very fierce dog (or so he thinks!)
Hortensia in my own garden,
the only bush that has survived the drought!

As I hope you can see the morning walk is not a chore here in Brittany.  It's a pure, simple delight!

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