Monday, 5 December 2011

Candle light in Advent

I do love Advent, there is something so delightful about dark nights and feeling cozy as I spend quite evenings at home preparing for Christmas.

Many people have featured Advent Wreaths and Candles on their blogs.  I personally prefer to leave the wreath to Church, and am looking forward to the lighting of the Pink Gaudete Sunday candle this coming weekend.  I always feel that we are very nearly there, when I see it lit.

I do like candle light at home though, and as well as the scented candles that I mentioned on an earlier post here, I have other lovely candles around the house.

Because I have a five year old, who is extremely interested in everything, and indeed sees that  one of her main purposes in the family is to rearrange anything I may have set out.  I have therefore invested in several LED tea lights, so I am not worried about her burning herself or setting the house on fire!

They are invaluable, as I can pop them into tea light holders and put them beside the cribs.  My little girl can then reorganise crib figures and candles to her heart's content.

This is my A Pause in Advent for this week.  It's great to have a few moments from the rush to focus on preparing and getting ready, Thank You so much Floss for such an inspiring idea.

NB most of the candles look better at dusk or once it is dark,  I am still relatively new to photography and can't quite master elegant evening photographs!

I used an old pie dish

I put a large 3 wick candle in the middle

and surrounded it with scented Christmas pot pourri

It looks really warming on the dining room table

This looks better at night with the lights sparkling, and
the candles lit 

My five year old made the animals and Mary comfortable
on a bed of cotton wool

The LED lights work really well, they even flicker

We live near the park, so lots of deer in our house!

My dining room crib, again the LED lights,
which are wonderful


  1. I have never seen the led candles before. Must google them. I love candles but our cats do like to do what your child does, help and investigate...

  2. Jill I bought mine in John Lewis, Lakeland also has them in stock, they are fab with young children and active animals. I use them all the time, and of course great for a power cut! (the batteries are the only downside, as they are not cheap and I make sure I recycle them because I know they are not great for the environment. I will go back to 'proper' candles once she is older!)

  3. What a lovely post - I am enjoying all the candles in my house and on others' blogs too! The LED candles are a good idea, especially for child-safety. I'd wondered about buying one to put in out window - I thought a flickering candle light would be very welcoming in the upstairs window when Ben's on his way home, but was worried about leavin an unatteneded candle. The LED ones seem to be the way forward there! I like your envoronmental point above, too.

    BTW, I had your other blog listed on the Pause list, so this one has only just been added now, as I've found it. That's why you haven't been visited by the other 'Pause' people up until now - I hope some of them pop over now it's up!

  4. Ooh, I must get my decorations up this weekend - love both of your cribs, I love Christmas, it's a bit like being a child again!! Great idea with the led lights, think I might invest in some of them.

  5. Do they take chargeable batteries? No, dont answer, am off to check out John Lewis web site. Thanks. x.

  6. Wow! I love your candle arrangements!
    The deer are especially lovely!

  7. I love candles in my house but am deathly afraid of fire so I use lots of LED candles. What a great flicker and so safe with cats and kids. Love your candle arrangement. Kit

  8. We have some LED candles too, you can often get the in the pound shop. What a lovely idea to put pot porri around it. My boys who are 5 and 6 are just getting the hand of candles.