Monday, 12 December 2011

Happy Birthday !

Yesterday was my eldest son's 25th birthday.  We had a quiet celebration at home; a venison casserole for lunch, and a birthday cake instead of pudding.

I really had to squeeze the 25 candles on the cake, which had been baked  and decorated to his specification, though the stars were an addition from his little sister. (I'll put the recipe and instructions, such as they are, on my other blog.)

Celebrating his birthday yesterday, set me  thinking.  I realised that I have now been a mother for over half my life.  My son is now older then I was when he was born!  It takes some adjusting to.

I always find my children's birthdays are times to count my blessings.

And I love anticipating what the future will bring us as a family.

Advent is a time for waiting and anticipating, so this is my little Pause for Advent,  which is co-ordinated by Floss.

I do  hope you have time to spend a few moments looking back at happy memories and looking forward to exciting futures.


  1. Snap! We celebrated Son 2's 13th birthday yesterday (it's actually today but his dad is off travelling all week). Having a new baby at Christmas was incredible - it made me identify so much more with Mary, and the thought of all that tiny baby Jesus represented too.

    I have to admit, I can't imagine a 25th birthday for either of our boys - only 10 years to go, though! Happy Birthday to your son.

  2. What a gorgeous cake! All those happy candles! Yes, I'm sure it does take time to adjust. I've found that to be true each year so far, and I'm only on #5! December birthdays have pros and cons, but I do appreciate that this is already such a reflective time of year, and the birthday celebrations are actually a nice addition to an already happy time.

  3. Birthday wishes to your son. Looks a great cake and lighting all those candles is not easy .I know because my daughter was 28 this year !

  4. Hi, just arrived on a blog hop and stayed to view your Christmas posts - lovely pics. You sound very well prepared for the great day.
    Love from Mum