Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Friendship- A Pause for Advent.

I'm a little late with my Pause for Advent, many apologies.

Yesterday we went skating at Hampton Court Palace.  The rink is set just in front of the Palace, and the setting is second to none.

My little girl joined five of her friends, they had a wonderful hour on the ice, all of them trying hard, and sharing excitement (and the odd bump or two).  We then went for Hot Chocolate at the Courtyard restaurant, before going to our various homes for lunch.

The morning prooved to be the most perfect Christmassy start to the Christmas Holidays.  Sharing a fun activity with a group of friends at this time of year, just can't be beat!

I took lots of photographs, and have selected some general ones, to show you what a fantastic setting the ice rink is in.  Doesn't the Palace look spectacular in the background?

Later in the day I went out and met several friends from University.  We were celebrating two birthdays, and it was a real treat to be able to share such a delightful evening with old friends, one of whom I hadn't seen since before my son was born!

So my little thought for Advent, is to make sure you make time for friends, whether they are people you have known all your adult life, or new friends with whom you hope to share many adventures in the future.

I do wish you all a very Happy (and if you can manage it - a relaxing) Christmas!

Jude x

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  1. My thought exactly!
    In these difficult times (the recession and all) sharing moments with friends is simply like medicine!
    Have a wonderful holiday!