Saturday, 18 February 2012

A Wonderful Country Break: Combe House Hotel, Devon

 What a fantastic week we have just had.

My husband was celebrating his birthday, and as a special treat we booked a few days away in a sumptuous country house hotel,  Combe House Hotel, Honiton, Devon.  You can find the website here, and its full of useful information.

I highly recommend it.

As you know I am a keen cook, but it was heavenly not to set foot in my kitchen for 3 days.  The food at the hotel was divine.  We ate beautiful breakfasts of fruit and yoghurt, followed by delicious traditional English cooked breakfasts, such as kippers, poached eggs and smoked salmon, and of course, eggs, bacon, sausage, tomatoes and mushrooms.  All scrumptious, served with coffee, home made bread or toast, and homemade marmalades and jams.  What a wonderful start to the day!

We spent the two days there exploring the Devon countryside.  Inspiring Dartmoor, and pretty seaside towns, just lovely.

In the evening we ate more fantastic food.  The menus are on line, if you follow the links above.  And as we were there on Valentine's Day we had the bonus of a Tasting Menu, which was amazing, with the addition of a wine list planned to accompany the meal.

The service was flawless.  Our little girl was the only child there, and was treated with such kind consideration.  She had her supper early, and was happy to stay in our room, while we ate.  (My husband and I took it in turns to pop up and check her between each course.)

The three nights away were a great tonic, we slept well, and  we were really relaxed.  If you are looking for a wonderful treat, then do have a look at this delightful place.

The building dates back to  Tudor times

Set beautifully on a hill

Lovely stone

The front door

Looking into the restaurant

A view from our room

And another

Horses grazing in the fields

Our room was very comfortable

Our little girl had this perfect sofa bed,
she was delighted with it!

Beautiful vistas

The bathroom

Portraits of past residents

Are all around the hotel

Along with lovely prints

The radio was tuned into Radio 3,
very relaxing

Morning coffee break, with home baked biscuits

Lovely lighting in the evening

A Romantic atmosphere

He used to wander the moor!

So very comfortable

Perfect lighting

This old Georgian kitchen is wonderful

It can be rented for parties

The vegetable garden was just waking up from the winter

Old, established trees

And of course lovely little snow drops.


  1. Goodness,Thank you so much for that. I almost feel as if I was there. Heavenly. How wonderful that you had such a fantastic time.

  2. This place looks wonderful. So glad you all had a relaxing and comfortable break. It's lovely to hear of places that look after you well.

  3. It looks totally divine. So glad you had a wonderful stay there.

  4. Jude, This looks fabulous! I would love to stay here! My husband and I have stayed at a few places similar to this as we have traveled around Scotland, and England and have enjoyed each one for their great qualities.

    I have not been at home but my husband said that a package arrived from you! I cannot wait to see the lovely hand towels!

    I am also looking forward to seeing your responses to the "tagged" questions as well as the lovely bloggers that you tag. I love learning more about bloggers that I follow as well as blogs that they enjoy and I am not familiar with.

    Have a wonderful day, Elizabeth