Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Decorating for Autumn

Autumn is my favourite season, I even like the cosy feeling of a drizzly dank day, when I have the heating on in the house  and look out of the window, at the bright bursts of colour as the leaves  are rapidly changing. At the beginning of October I get my autumn box from the garage and begin to garland the house with pumpkins and candles.

I am reserving the more Halloweeny bits until next Monday, when my daughter and I will let rip with ghosts and cobwebs, and other spooky bits and pieces.  We are having some of her friends over for a Halloween Lunch, in fancy dress, so lots of excitement to look forward to.....

I love the mixture of homemade and shop bought
with reminders of the beach

We didn't have much luck with conkers this year
but there is always next Autumn

Isn't orange a cheery colour?

I love the hearts my daughter made with Hana beads

This papermache pumpkin has a staring role every year
I love it so much

Harlequin pumpkins are so rewarding
lovely texture and colours

A bowl of Kentish Cobnuts, 

And no autumn is complete without Quinces

Whichever way you look

It's a true delight


  1. Indeed, autumn colours are warm for decoration. I tried to find some frown folliage but couldn't. It's just started to feel like fall here. So, I made a centerpiece with garden cuttings and uploaded it in my blog. Hope you like it

  2. Havent seen anything round here other than the pumpkins in the supermarket. Did you grow any of yours? Think I might have a go next year as I love gourds and all their different colours.
    Your arrangements are beautiful.

  3. Just had four gos to decipher the robot checked words. Frustrating!

  4. Just lovely!...Autumn here is now colorful, with some cool and gray days...just splendid...
    Stay cozy, my friend!
    - Irina