Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Cage Furniture!

I keep seeing these on Pinterest, and just had to try and make some.

I was limited with available tools here in Brittany and had to  use my husband's fishing knife.  I intend to make a further attempt at home with jewellery pliers and other equipment.

However, I am quite pleased with them as a first attempt, and think that though they not perfect,  they are really quite quaint!

What do you think?  Have you tried making some yourself?  Were you successful?  And do you have any tips?

More Champagne please, I need the cages to create a roomful of chairs !


  1. oh my god, you've done them so well, i've seen these before and even more detailed one but wouldn't even know where to start!

  2. These are so sweet Jude - what a brilliant idea (and a great excuse to keep the champagne flowing!)

  3. Very elegant. Front row at Chanel?

  4. You are GOOD!
    Jude, these are little fairy have inspired me to try the project...
    Champagne for all! ;))