Monday, 29 April 2013

Feeding the Dog!

Greyhounds are wonderful,  just the most superb of pets.

But they are large, and they find bending down to bowls on the floor a bit of a trial. To alleviate this we have an adequate, (but rather ugly) double dish contraption that I bought at a dog show here in England.

However,  in Brittany I wanted something more elegant and appealing to the eye, a few years ago, whilst we had two dogs my wonderful husband turned his hand to this beautiful tray.

We bought the coastal tray in a local, rather chi-chi shop, and then we added the legs, (they are simple brackets painted white).

The three bowls are ex-pate bowls from our local Super-U, and cost 1 Euro each!

All in all, a chic and elegant eating station for our dog.

I am now looking out for a pretty tray and lovely dishes to make a second dog bowl stand for my house here in London.


  1. I wouldnt mind eating off that myself! Well done.

  2. It is lovely, thanks Jill.
    It is rather elegant isn't it, and most importantly the dog loves eating from it! (Though he loves eating full stop:-))