Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Duralex Glassware

One of the delights of holidaying regularly here in France was rediscovering Duralex glasses.

We used to drink from them at school, and they were so reliable, you could knock them over, drop them on the floor, bump into someone whilst carrying a tower to be washed up (on table duty!) and they never smashed.

They are the only glasses I know that don't eventually discolour in the dishwasher, and because they can deal with heat are ideal for a Whisky Toddy, in deep Mid-Winter, (or when you're feeling really run down with the flu).

Ideal for a holiday home,
 both robust and lovely to look at

Dishes for snacks, or for puddings!

Ideal for cooking and pre-measuring ingredients

Lovely big (nesting) salad/fruit bowls

A glass for every occasion,
simply perfect for a picnic or barbecue

They stack away so neatly

They do  what it says on the box!

I have some as part of my soon to be ....FIRST GIVEAWAY... over on my other blog, A Trifle Rushed.

Do look out for it, I should post it in another day or so!  A lovely giveaway for the beginning of autumn!

The giveaway... Please look out on A Trifle Rushed!


  1. You keep whiskey toddy for when you have the flu??? In our house it is a preventative thing so we need to take it regularly in the winter. Irish husband dictates that we have whiskey witht he extra 'e'.

  2. What a great idea, we may have to introduce preventative toddies as well :-)

  3. I didn't know they were so great! I'll keep it in mind. Thanks!

  4. Rose Fern, they are really super glasses, real work horses of the kitchen and dining room....and just so long lasting!

  5. I like drinking red wine from these chunky glasses on holiday ! Milky coffee too...they're great !

    I meant to take a pic of the sea glass we collected - a lot just in half an hour. I never find it on my local beach. Both teens happily collected it too which was sweet.

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