Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A simple table

When we first bought our Breton  house I was delighted!  The window frames were blue, the floor was  tiled with super large white tiles and best of all the downstairs was open-plan!  The scrapbook I had at home full of blue and white cuttings and ideas, (which I called My French Dream House) was about to come true!

I spent a year or so finding things for the house, none of them were expensive, but  I think all of them are lovely.

As a result I love entertaining here.  The table always looks inviting when it's set for a meal.

I prefer white crockery, this set has a simple sea motif

The chairs are shades of blue and aqua-green

A fish shaped dish, blue runner and Breton napkins


  1. Delightful. I kept simple when we lived in Spain too.

    I love your sea glass collection very much. I never seem to find any !

  2. Thanks Penny, I love these simple furnishings. We live near quite a sandy beach, I don't know if that helps with sea glass!