Saturday, 6 August 2011

Rock Pooling!

 I thought, yesterday, as my younger son is still  here in Brittany, with us, and the tide is still very low, it might be fun to go rock pooling.  ( I was inspired by Tabiboo's lovely post Wildlife, here.  Unfortunately, we didn't see any starfish!)

My little girl, donned her wet suit, we set off laden with buckets and nets.  We had a simply delightful couple of hours of really good old fashioned fun!

I'm still not good at taking outdoor photographs,  particularly when there is lots of sunlight, and I am still at the very early stages of learning what all the dials on my camera mean.  I do hope to improve in time!

We saw shoals of tiny fish, hiding in their rock pool nurseries, and little prawns gadding about in the seaweed.  There were baby crabs and hermit crabs scuttling and digging for shelter.

And my son was delighted to discover a baby octopus.  We have (an old school) photo of him holding one in his hand (same group of Breton rock pools) when he was 8 years old, and now I can print out a copy of him at 22 years, happily holding another baby octopus.

Beautiful, calm and safe rock pools

Great for exploring mini worlds

a whole shoal of fish escaped under the seaweed

A very tiny crab, scuttling away to safety

The beach at the far end, is where we usually bathe

A very cross octopus,
 he had just squirted some very black ink!

If your near the sea, and the tide is low, it's a really great way to spend the afternoon.


  1. This was my favourite passtime at my mother's lovely home on Anglesey - all my nieces & my son & daughter bent over rock pools, nets & buckets ready. I miss it.

  2. It's just a great way to spend time by the sea. I do love the west coast of the UK,; Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Cornwall they all have a similar coast to our beautiful Breton beach.