Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Market Day in St Pol:- Maison de l'Artichaut and a Creperie

Tuesday is market day in St Pol.  I published a post at Easter about the market, but it's such a typical part of a French holiday, I thought a re-vist would do no harm.

We spent a happy hour wandering around looking at all the stalls,  we then went to sample the artichokes, before an early lunch, at a sweet little creperie in the  town.

NB Two useful points about Creperies:-

1. It can take a long time for your meal to arrive, so I advice arriving early, especially if you have young children with you!

2.  The cider is very strong, so only a sip for the driver.  Don't say I didn't warn you!

Local apples, apple juice and cider

An onion stall

Where did you get that hat?

Handmade baskets

Dried flowers

Fruit for jam, and more onions


Did you forget the onions?

Lovely, rich, buttery cakes and bread

The House of the Artichoke

Just in case you miss it!

Wonderful to go in and have a little taste...yum!

Beautiful dried artichoke heads

Petit violet artichokes

A simple, but very tasty ham, cheese and mushroom galette

A simple table setting

Delicious, but very strong cider


  1. It looks like a lovely way to spend the day.

  2. Thanks Cookie Jar, it is. I miss the market when I'm back in London!

  3. Somehow it all looks so much more tasteful than markets here. The mushroom / ham dish looks divine. A friend makes a hot artichoke dip using parmesan, mayo & tinned artichoke heads ! It's scrummy served with Pitta bread.

  4. some lovely photos. I agree so much more attractive than British Markets (although Borough Market is an exception)